(Ahaha. Trolling the Kristen tag again, what a beautiful thing to do around noon.)

The more fans defend her and try to protect her, the more I hate her. People are acting like she is a saint. Keep crying that everyone should leave Kristen alone, hatred will just grow. Believe me.

And I don’t even feel sorry. I didn’t do anything, the media didnt do anything, she was the one doing something wrong. As long as I don’t constantly just write “SLUT!” or “WHORE” in this tag, I think I’m free to state my opinion as much as I want.

Plus, Im still laughing like FUCK about the fans who still say the pictures are photoshopped, or that Rupert forced her to do something. Let me tell you this, little girls… If you don’t want someone to touch you, you can either

  • tell him you don’t want to, or you just leave
  • or let him know with your body language or facial expression that you feel uncomfortable
  • or not press your butt against his crotch
  • or not caress his neck while he is touching you
  • or don’t stick your tongue into his mouth while holding his head between your hands (Pictures don’t lie, baby)

It’s absolutely funny how this Istilldontknowwhothefuckheis Giovanni something defends Kristen on twitter. He is making himself look like a huge fool. I don’t care if he is a friend of hers. He don’t has to stop loving her, but it would have been easier to just shut the fuck up instead of playing the situation down. He says nothing is what it seems, she didn’t cheat and people should stop hating on her…

  • If she didn’t cheat and you, her family, her friends know the truth, why are you making such a big deal out of defending her? Let people talk if you know someday the truth will come out anyway
  • How is it possible that pictures where her lips are on a married man’s lips are lying? 
  • If Kristen herself already made a public apology and admitted she made a “mistake” and is sorry, how can you possibly keep saying that nothing is true? 
  • How can you explain that Robert moved out and is not willing to talk to Kristen, because he is heartbroken?
  • Why are you interested in giving little girls and everyone else the idea that kissing a married man in public, while you’re in a relationship, is not a big deal?

With this being said, I think I can start into the day with tons of energy. 

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