An updated opinion on Avril Lavigne.

I realised that I haven’t posted a lot on Avril Lavigne lately, but I felt like it’s time.
I don’t think I will ever hate or dislike Avril, because she is my teenager-hero. Nevertheless, I lost a bit of respect for her over the last months.
The biggest reason is her lack of interest of fans all over the world. I can understand if bands and singers tour countries, knowing they are welcome and loved and very popular and sucessful. Which would be the Asian and South American region. Every band loves it, because every band sells a lot of records in Japan, China, Brasil, Argentina, etc.
BUT if you’re touring only there, you need to have the decency to say it like it is, and not calling it a world tour.

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This is the young man that was walking with Mike Brown,

this is important. what really happened to Mike Brown and the police are refusing to credit him as a witness. please watch. 

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