Should have seen it coming.

If it’s not a volcano thing, then it’s money issues.

That’s the reason why hanging on to bands and loving them so much doesn’t always give you happiness. If there is a concert about to take place and they cancel, it can happen that your whole world crashes down a bit. You can’t call someone an idiot for being upset, when their favourite band cancels gigs. When you haven’t seen them for years. When you feel like touring America is more important than touring Europe, for example. There are always reasons behind cancelling a tour, of course. And no, it’s not always the bands fault in the first place, totally understand that. But you can’t blame fans for being disappointed. My day is done after those news, after the struggle of getting tickets, after those gigs being the number one thing to look forward to, the only thing this year that seemed to make me happy. Now that’s gone as well, and I’m sad. That’s what music and dedication does to you as well.