I’m seriously laughing at all those Coachella pictures. How can anyone still think that event is in any way cool? Look at the “celebrities” going there, dressed up lin shit they’d never wear on the streets, getting paid for wearing special brands and showing off that they are good enough for Coachella but no other real festival?
All those hipsters who cry at people who crowdsurf? 
That’s not a festival. It’s a joke.

Being a fan…

I never understand why people are called a “real fan”, because they saw their favourite band a certain huge number of times.
Being a fan shouldn’t be measured on the money they have, but on how much passion they have for that band.
That is why I hate front stage tickets or golden packages for concerts.
Paying 100-700 bucks to meet your band doesn’t make you a real fan. It just makes you a fan with lots of money.

It used to be so different.
I miss the times where it was about showing your dedication. You were not judged by having little money and seperated from the ones who do.
You were able to wait for a concert for 12 or 16 hours, in the pouring rain, in the snow or on sunny days… It might sounds stupid, but THAT was dedication.
Now it doesn’t matter if you have a life to live and bills to pay, way too many bands want money for meet & greets and call fans who can make it “great”.

I am not jealous, because even if I had the money, I wouldn’t buy tickets for meet & greets. I have my principals.
I count on bands who come out after a show to meet either 20 or 60 fans who still wait after concerts.

I just thought about this again, because I was insulted for not being a real fan of my favourite soccer team, Hannover 96.
Just because I don’t have hundreds of bucks to spend on games in and outside Hannover, doesn’t make me a fake fan. I watch all the games, I cry and laugh and cheer for my team. How can you insult someone who is passionate about something, just because they don’t have the money like others to travel around?

That is why I hate human beings. That. is. why.